Health CodeStorm

Posted on Posted in July 2015

Hosted in collaboration with Mobenzi

7-9 December 2015

Groote Schuur Hospital Inclusive Innovation Hub

The Challenge

Mobenzi asked groups to create apps that can help front-line health workers to better support new and expecting mothers through pregnancy and caring for a new baby. Mobenzi is a local company that provides mobile technology that underpins the important work of health workers.

Their challenge was for each group to create an app that can help a health worker calculate the expected due date of a pregnant mother. From there, groups could add other functionality as they deemed appropriate.

Andi, MD of Mobenzi, explains how Mobenzi empowers front line health workers and informs decision makers.

Marinthea, who started at Mobenzi as a software developer and is now an analyst, explains how to build an tool that can calculate a woman’s expected due date.

Andi and Marinthea of Mobenzi assist a group.

Groot Schuur Hospital Inclusive Innovation Hub

The Health CodeStorm was held at the Groote Schuur Hospital Inclusive Innovation Hub, which is a partnership between Groote Schuur Hospital and the University of Cape Town with the aim of enabling inclusive healthcare innovation to occur right at the heart of the public healthcare system in the Western Cape Province.

Being right inside a hospital, it was easy to get real life feedback about the challenge.

On the first day of the CodeStorm healthcare professionals specialising in maternal health came to explain some of the challenges they face in their work and provided teams with ideas for how technology might aide their work. Charlotte explained how depression and anxiety are very prevalent in pregnant mothers and how one can screen to check if a mother is affected or not. Veronica expressed her concern that pregnant mothers need to be empowered to know their rights during childbirth and how to avoid neglect in the hospital.

On the second day of the CodeStorm, Sister Reyneke  came and tested the apps and provided valuable feedback to teams.

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